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Tire Retreading

Purchasing a new set of tires is the number one maintenance cost when operating commercial or industrial vehicles. Retreading worn tires can save businesses bundles. Rather than purchase a new set of tires, our tire retreading services will mold new tread to old tire casings. Or, if you prefer, choose a new set of tires from our stock of retread tires.

Regardless of your needs, Tire Connection is the one-stop retread tires source for customers in Hillside, NJ, Newark, NJ, Union, NJ, and surrounding areas.

Is it time to retread your tires?

Have you noticed your tires spinning when pulling out from a stop, or a loss of traction while driving? These problems are likely due to poor tread. This is an easy fix when you come to Tire Connection. Our tire retreading services are an affordable alternative to purchasing a new set of tires.

When tread wear begins to show up on your tires, don’t consider discarding them. Most major tire companies would agree that a tire should be pulled for retreading when it reaches 6/32nds tread depth in order to maximize the casing life of the tire. When a tire seems worn and ready for the scrap pile, be sure to check the condition of the casing, because tire retreading services may be able to extend the useful life of that tire.

Are retread tires safe?

The manufacturing process behind tire retreading produces safe, durable, quality tires. In fact, as reported by the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau, nearly 80% of all American aircraft tires are outfitted with retread tires.

The Facts Supporting Retread Tires

Buying tire retreads can save businesses and fleet managers between 30 and 50% off the cost of new tires. Retread tires offer businesses the same performance standards of new tires at a fraction of a cost.

Our retread tires for commercial businesses and fleet managers are an affordable alternative to purchasing a new set of tires. Contact us to learn more or visit us to shop our selection today.

Retread Tires in Hillside, NJ

Our Tire Retread Process

Our experienced technicians will do the following:

  • Inspect the condition of your tires and ensure that your current tires are still usable.
  • Buff away the remainder of your old tread.
  • Apply an entirely new rubber tread using specialized machinery.

The result is a tire every bit as effective as a brand new tire.

At Tire Connection, we have developed a reputation for excellent customer service and quality work at an honest price. Stop in to have your current set of tires retreaded or choose a new set from our supply of retread tires.

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